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What are the differences between different types of aluminium liquid degassing equipment ?

Aluminium liquid degassing equipment is used in the aluminium industry to remove impurities and gases from an aluminium liquid.
There are various types of degassing equipment, each with its working principle and advantages. The main categories include:
aluminium liquid degassing equipment
aluminium liquid degassing equipment

1 Rotary degasser:

The rotary degasser consists of a rotor immersed in molten aluminium. The rotor rotates rapidly, generating eddy currents that promote the removal of hydrogen and other impurities by exposing molten metal to inert gases with a large surface area. This process contributes to the effective degassing of aluminium.

2 Impeller degasser:

The impeller degasser uses a rotating impeller to generate stirring in molten aluminium. The impeller generates a flow pattern that facilitates the escape of dissolved gases. The impeller can be made of graphite, ceramics, or other suitable materials.

3 Flux injection degasser:

The working principle of a flux injection degassing machine is to inject flux into molten aluminium. The flux reacts with impurities and gases to form dross, which floats to the surface and can be skimmed off. This method can effectively remove hydrogen, alkali metals, and other impurities.

4 Ultrasonic degasser:

The ultrasonic degasser uses high-frequency sound waves to stir molten aluminium.
Stirring promotes the release of dissolved gases and helps to remove impurities. Ultrasonic degassing is particularly useful for removing small bubbles.

5 filter degasser:

The filtration degasser combines the degassing process with the removal of solid impurities. These systems use porous ceramic or graphite filters to capture gas and solid particles, ensuring that molten aluminium is cleaner and more refined.
The selection of aluminium liquid degassing equipment depends on various factors, such as the required degassing level, impurities present in aluminium, production requirements, and cost considerations. Each type of degasser has its advantages and limitations and should be selected based on the specific needs of aluminium casting or refining processes.
Although other types of aluminium liquid degassing equipment, such as impeller degassing machines, ultrasonic degassing machines, and flux injection degassing machines, have their advantages and applications, rotary degassing machines have gained widespread acceptance and become the preferred choice in the aluminium industry due to their effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability. Easy to implement.

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