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Castertip Ear

Castertip ear includes soft ears and hard ears. Soft and hard ears are used to assemble caster tips for dimensions, crystallization, molten aluminum flow and temperature control during foil casting. Soft ear adopts a high-alumina fiberboard, and hard ear uses high purity fiber material. They can maintain the stability of the internal layer for casting roll.

Nozzle Cavity Ear
Nozzle Cavity Ear


Item Size Width Customers’ Requirement
Value 20-600 20-60 Drawing Required

Nozzle Cavity Ear Advantages

  • CNC controlled with precision size, proper density & inflexibility.
  • Smooth surface with good erosion resistance.
  • The strength of soft ear is moderate which solved the cracking from the layer, increased service life, can adjust the cater tips and fixture best.
  • The symmetrical runner design can meet molten aluminum mechanics requirements.

Castertip Ear

Castertip Ear Instructions

  1. Cut and assemble according to drawing, make sure the board is intact.
  2. Heat the caster tip 2 hours to target temperature, keep the Roll-PH at 260℃ for 5 hours to remove crystal water,cool down to ordinary temperature and ensure proper assembling with 2 hours.

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