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Refining Flux

Refining flux is a white powdery fine particles. The main components are chloride salt and fluoride salt, and there are other compounds. The refining agent is mainly used to remove the hydrogen and floating oxidized slag inside the aluminum liquid, so that the aluminum liquid is purer. Some components in the refining agent are easily decomposed at high temperatures. The generated gas is easy to react with hydrogen, and has strong adsorption force with slag, and quickly escapes from the molten metal. Other components also have the role of slag cleaning agents.

Refining Flux

AdTech Refining Agent Advantages

  1. It adopts the principle of metal liquid compound combination. It reduces smoke and burning loss, is environmental protection and economy.
  2. Refining agent effectively improves the yield of liquid metal and achieves the purpose of energy-saving and consumption reduction.
  3. It has solved the problems of pipe plugging and failure to disperse evenly.
  4. It is smoke-free and dust-free when it is placed, improving the production environment of employees and protecting their health.
  5. It is smokeless, odorless, dustless, and free of any harmful compounds. It completely eliminates the corrosion of plant equipment and reduces hidden costs.
  6. Keep the furnace, launder, and on-line degassing equipment free of slag accumulation.
  7. Significantly reduce the load of flue gas dust removal equipment and reduce the operating cost of environmental protection equipment.
  8. The slag and aluminum separation effect is good, which can greatly reduce the aluminum content in the slag.

Instructions of Refining Flux

Sprinkle the refining agent on the liquid surface, it will quickly enter into the liquid aluminum, stir fully and remove the slag. It is better to spray the refining agent into the molten aluminum with inert gas.

After the heat treating and sieving of the refining agent, and the particle size is uniform. It is conducive to the refining tank under the action of carrier gas (N 2 or Ar) to enter the lower layer of liquid aluminum evenly. Through physical and chemical changes, there are numerous small bubbles in the molten aluminum, and then separate the [H] and other harmful gases in the liquid aluminum. At the same time, some substances contained in the refining agent can strongly adsorb and melt the oxide and suspended matter, and attach to the bubbles together. With the rise of bubbles, the slag is brought to the surface of the molten aluminum. So as to achieve the purpose of refining and purification.

Refractory Refining Agent

Storage: It must be stored in a dry and ventilated place. The product after opening must be used up in time. After the powder spraying and refining, the inert gas should be empty for 1 minute to ensure that there is no residual flux in the refining tank equipment and pipeline to avoid moisture absorption affecting the next use. Poor storage environment such as high temperature, humidity and rain will reduce the service life of the product.

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