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Ceramic Sprue Bush

Ceramic sprue bush is also called riser sleeve, casting thimble. AdTech ceramic sprue bush adopts high-silicon melting 140 and Al-Si. It has strong corrosion resistance, high precision, smooth casting surface, long life. AdTech ceramic sprue bush is the best choice for hot top casting. AdTech sleeves can meet the requirements of high value-added and high technical performance in aluminum alloy precision casting products.

Sprue Bush

Riser Sleeve Advantages

  1. Good non-moisture, smooth glazed surface, high geometric processing accuracy and low maintenance cost.
  2. No delamination and peeling phenomenon, effectively reduce the pollution of molten aluminum, and achieve pollution-free precision aluminum casting.
  3. Erosion resistance, good thermal shock resistance, improve corrosion resistance to molten metal.

Instructions for Casting Accessories

  1. Install accessories according to the corresponding hot-top casting equipment.
  2. Install the shunt plate, sprue bush, adapter plate, shunt groove, and graphite ring on the upper side of the platform. And install the sleeve and adapter plate, graphite ring on the inside of the mold. It is best to use ceramic fiber paper or blanket to seal the bottom, which is helpful for heat preservation.
  3. After installing the overall hot-top casting platform, pre-heat the uniformly equipment platform to 260-350 ℃.

Note: There should be no open flame contacting the inner lining, otherwise cracks will appear.

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