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Patching Material

Patching material includes Refining BN Coating, Ingot Mold Coating, Refractory Mortar. They are the important repair materials in aluminum alloy casting. Patching materials extend the service life of various refractory products, it can repel surface metal adhesion and protect the substrate material from attack by the molten metal. The corrosion process of the molten metal gradually removes this protective coating, and reapplication becomes necessary. Typically, when the coating type is more nonwetting to molten metal, better refractory protection and longer service life of the coating is achieved, although the binder system and other variables also come into play.

Refining BN Coating

Boron Nitride Coating

Boron nitride (BN) coatings are nonwetting to molten aluminium, and have become the most trusted and most used coating in effectively protecting ceramic and steel substrates. Refining BN Coatingis applied to spray or brush on the surface of launder, nozzle board, and hot-top casting functional materials where touch molten aluminum. It is the main patching material in the aluminum alloy casting industry. After opening, dilute it with distilled water (water/coating=3-6/1), then mix evenly and spray or brush BN coating, clean the surface until it is dry.

Ingot Mold Coating

Ingot Mold Coating

Ingot mold coating is oiliness, and spray it on the iron mold of aluminum and aluminum alloy casting to make them smoothness and anti-oxidation. Spray or brush after mix evenly.

Refractory Mortar

Insulation Mud

Insulation mud is also called refractory mortar. It is suitable for making and repairing launder, distribution plate, filter bowl, degassing box, furnace liner with advantages of good adhesive, unified with the repaired, convenient to use.