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Ceramic Fiber Paper

Ceramic fiber paper adopts aluminum silicate ceramic fiber cotton as the main raw material. It is made by a wet forming process. Based on the traditional process, the slag removal and drying process is improved. The fiber distribution is uniform, the color is white, there is no layering, and the slag ball is less. The fiber paper is made of aluminum silicate refractory fiber, plus a small amount of scientifically selected and strictly controlled binders. The binder will be completely burned out during use.

Ceramic Fiber Paper

Features of Ceramic Paper

  1. Fire prevention: After the fire burns, it will maintain its complete shape and size.
  2. High-temperature resistance: There are two kinds of temperature resistance: 1260 and 1400 ℃.
  3. Insulation: It can effectively prevent or slow down the heat transfer. The thermal conductivity at 800 ℃ can be as low as 0.12w / (m.k).
  4. Insulation: inorganic silicate material, non-conductive at high temperature.
  5. Sound insulation: high noise reduction coefficient.
  6. Seal: It has a certain elasticity, and can be used for high-temperature sealing.

Fiber Paper Manufacturer

Ceramic paper insulation can be cut into various shapes and used to make flange gaskets or other thermal insulation. The fiber paper is made of ceramic fiber, so ceramic fiber itself does not contain asbestos and can replace asbestos products. The raw material of ceramic fiber paper has long fibers, low bulk density, high strength, and certain elasticity. AdTech fiber paper is generally used as a material for heat insulation, heat preservation, sealing, electrical insulation, sound absorption, and filtration.

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