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Ceramic Insulation Board

The ceramic insulation board is also called aluminum silicate fiber board. High temp insulation board is a kind of firer board made of ceramic fiber, binder, additives, pulping, forming, curing, drying and other processes. It is a refractory sealing material. The refractory board can maintain good mechanical strength after heating. The refractory insulation board is a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly product. It has low thermal conductivity and low heat storage. The ceramic fiber insulation board adopts the wet vacuum forming process. Organic binders and inorganic binders are used in the preparation of cotton pulp. After drying, it uses special machining equipment to complete the grinding, cutting, drilling and other finishing processes. So as to ensure the accuracy of the product’s external dimensions. Therefore, the high temperature insulation board not only maintains the excellent characteristics of the fibrous high-temperature thermal material, but also has excellent mechanical properties and precise geometric dimensions.

Ceramic Insulation Board

The production principle of aluminum silicate ceramic fiber board: using blown fiber as the raw material of ceramic fiberboard, adding a certain proportion of binding agent and filler grade additives, passing through a beating machine, fully dispersed into a slurry in the mixing tank. Use a pump to drive into the forming tank and stir with compressed air. Put the mold into the forming tank, and use the principle of vacuum to make the fiber slurry adsorb on the mold. Precisely control the adsorption time, vacuum dehydration and demolding of the wet fiber material, put it on the tray, and send it to the drying oven for 10-24 hours. The dried fiber board passes through a special grinding machine and trimming machine to precisely control the size.

Ceramic Insulation Board Features

  1. High compressive strength, long service life.
  2. Low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity.
  3. Non-brittle material with good toughness.
  4. Accurate in size, and flat.
  5. Good flexibility, easy cutting and convenient construction.
  6. The ceramic fiber board has excellent anti-wind erosion performance.
  7. Continuous production, uniform fiber distribution and stable performance.


  • Used in the insulation field of kilns in cement and other building materials industries.
  • The insulation of furnace backing in petrochemical, metallurgy, ceramics, and glass industries.
  • Insulation of heat treatment kiln backing.
  • Backing insulation in the non-ferrous metal industry.
  • High-temperature reaction, heating equipment backing insulation.

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