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Ceramic Filter for Foundry for Sale

Ceramic Filter for Foundry for Sale

Ceramic Filter for Foundry for Sale is the most widely used filter in the field of aluminum melt filtration. The advantages are high porosity, high filtration efficiency, easy replacement, low cost, strong adaptability, and can also be separated by filtering solid inclusions in liquid inclusions; disadvantages are low high temperature strength and short life (mostly for one-time use) The amount of filtration is small.

The aluminum cast ceramic foam filter can remove oxides on the aluminum surface, thereby improving the casting quality. Today, more and more aluminum sheet and aluminum foil manufacturers are using these filters.

Ceramic Filter for Foundry for Sale in Malaysia

Malaysian customers visited the AdTech factory, and conducted in-depth communication with our technical personnel. Press metal, under the leadership of the AdTech technology minister, visited the AdTech production workshop. They visited the degassing unit, filter box, launder heating system, the ceramic filter for foundry for sale, hot top product production line.

Press Metal has an in-depth understanding of AdTech products, inquire about the product production process. And Malaysian customers highly praise the AdTech product quality and equipment workshop. They conducted in-depth discussions on the heating system and the tilting device. Our technicians gave meticulous answers to the questions and resolved customer queries.

Ceramic Filter for Foundry for Sale

Press Metal is a Malaysia aluminum company, the operations are all over the world. Press Metal has always been our strategic major customer. And we have cooperated steadily with our company for the ceramic filter for foundry for sale, refining agents, launder equipment, degassing units, filter boxes, hot top accessories and other products.

This visit makes Press Metal have an in-depth understanding of AdTech, lay a solid foundation for closer business cooperation in the future. AdTech has strong technical strength and management system. We will continue to insist on providing the best quality products, and the most intimate service.


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