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Ceramic Filter for Foundry

Ceramic Filter for Foundry

Ceramic filter for foundry has the advantages of high porosity, low loss of thermal shock, high mechanical strength at normal and high temperature, large specific surface, good chemical stability and excellent filtering screen functions, filtering collections of adsorption and adsorption especially for tiny impurity 1 ~ 10μm.

The three-dimensional structure can improve cast quality in a large range by changing molten metal from a swirl flow to a thin-layered flow, removing gass and smoothing the cast. Ceramic foam filter is not only applied for molten metal filtering in high temperature, but gas treatment in high temperature, catalyzer carrier, solid heat exchange and advanced filling for the chemical industry.

Ceramic Filter for Foundry is a modern material in demand in many industrial fields. It is made from highly dispersed mineral powders, as well as from liquid foams; has a porous structure.

The unique properties of this material make it simply indispensable in many industries. Ceramic foam material has low thermal conductivity and high heat resistance.

Ceramic Filters for Foundry is used to separate molten metal from mechanical impurities. PFC is characterized by the so-called three-dimensional structure of mutually open pores. This structure allows you to maximize the filtering process.

Ceramic foam filter is in demand in the metallurgical industry, since ceramic foam has a number of unique properties.

Ceramic Filter for Foundry

Modern foundry is simply not possible without the use of this type of filtering.

Malaysian customers visited the AdTech factory and had in-depth exchanges with our technical staff. Under the leadership of AdTech Technology Minister, Press Metal visited the AdTech production workshop. They visited the degassing device, filter box, washing tank heating system, ceramic filter for casting, and hot top product production line.

Press Metal has an in-depth understanding of AdTech products and asked about the production process of the products. Malaysian customers speak highly of AdTech’s product quality and equipment workshop. They had an in-depth discussion on the heating system and tilting device. Our technicians provided detailed answers to the questions and solved the customer’s questions.

Press Metal is a Malaysian aluminum company with operations all over the world. Press Metal has always been our strategic main customer. We have established a solid cooperation with the company for ceramic filters, refining agents, washing equipment, degassing devices, filter boxes, hot top accessories and other products for casting.

This visit gave Press Metal an in-depth understanding of AdTech and laid a solid foundation for closer business cooperation in the future. AdTech has strong technical strength and management system. We will continue to provide the highest quality products and the most considerate service.

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