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Molten Aluminum Ceramic Foam Filter

Molten Aluminum Ceramic Foam Filter

Function of Molten Aluminum Ceramic Foam Filter:

Removing impurity and slag: purifying molten aluminum alloy and removing hydrogen at the same time;

After filtration, the viscosity of molten aluminum alloy decreases and the fluidity of molten aluminum alloy increases by 10% – 15%. Therefore, the filling ability of molten aluminum alloy is improved by filtration. Before filtration, the flow of aluminum alloy fluid is turbulent, and after filtration, it becomes laminar flow (the bending of the ceramic foam filter is bent within the flow path), which reduces the volume of air and the two slagging.

With the filtration process, filtration mechanism is filtered from the sieve and cake to the deep bed. After filtration, the purity of the aluminum alloy is higher and higher (without exceeding the maximum filtration capacity of the ceramic foam filter).

The reject rate of parts is reduced;

The cutting performance of parts is improved;

The mechanical properties of the materials were improved significantly, especially the elongation.

Molten Aluminum Ceramic Foam Filter

Molten Aluminum Ceramic Foam Filter Uses

If the molten aluminum ceramic foam filter is not used properly, the effect is worse than other filters;

The design of the system should ensure that all the molten aluminum alloy passes through the filter (if part of it fails to pass through, the molten aluminum will be impure, and turbulence will be generated and slag will be formed by entraining air);

The filter area of the ceramic foam filter should be large enough to not affect the flow rate of molten aluminum alloy (the minimum flow rate should be located at the minimum section of the sprue);

There should be enough space before and after the filter to collect inclusions.

Molten aluminum alloy should be melted in melting furnace (avoid oxidation and slag removal treatment) and refining slag removal and degassing in holding furnace. Because the filtration capacity of the filter is limited, the molten aluminum alloy that is too dirty will cause the molten aluminum alloy filtered last to be dirtier than the molten aluminum alloy filtered first.

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