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How to Choose Ceramic Foam Filters

How to Choose Ceramic Foam Filters

The ceramic foam filter can improve the cleanliness of the melton aluminum. AdTech alumina ceramic foam filter can effectively eliminate large inclusions in the molten aluminum, as well as small inclusions of a few microns. The choice of the filter plate is a technical task. And how to choose the ceramic foam filters? You can consider the following factors.

How to Choose Ceramic Foam Filters

Firstly, the final quality requirements of the casting determines the choice of foam ceramic filter.

  • There are many impurities, and the quality of the cast products is average. Select a foam ceramic filter plate with a larger mesh opening, and add a glass fiber cloth coarse filter in front of the filter plate. The glass cloth can intercept the flow slag by the flow groove, so as to prevent the filter plate from being blocked.
  • The quality requirements of the cast products are high, and it needs to choose the foam ceramic filters with small mesh openings.
  • The selection of filter plate specifications is based on the flow rate of the melt and the total throughput. If the flow rate is large, the total throughput is large, the filter plate has small holes, it needs to choose the larger size.

How to Choose Ceramic Foam Filters

Secondly, The ceramic filter plate should consider its color and features.

  • The color is pure and free of impurities, which means that the material is uniform. If the hand is not sticky, it means that the surface is not sprayed with adhesive, which will not cause secondary pollution.
  • Hold the filter plate with one hand and tap the filter plate with the other hand. The slag keeps dropping, indicating that the quality of the filter plate is poor.
  • Burn the filter plate red, then immediately cool it at room temperature. There is no cracking and slag inclusion, indicating that the filter plate is good.

Thirdly, when purchasing alumina ceramic foam filter, carefully evaluate the effective specific surface area or porosity of the foam.

You can observe that the mesh on the surface layer of the filter plate is in a homogeneous state. Calculate the porosity by the drainage method. The three-dimensional mesh is homogeneous and the porosity is relatively large, which is an excellent foam ceramic filter plate.

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