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Ceramic Foam Filters Manufacturer

Ceramic Foam Filter Manufacturer

Practice has proved that the foam ceramic filter plate is an economical way to remove aluminum inclusions. Due to the different conditions of use, the actual effect usually increases as the size of the filter plate hole and the speed of the molten aluminum decrease. AdTech is a ceramic foam filters manufacturer, the filter is produced by special machine. After special treatment, it is not easily broken. The ceramic filters have high strength, excellent aluminum water erosion resistance, and good thermal performance.  It is for the ideal choice for all kinds of casting production.

Foam Ceramic Filter Filtration Mechanisms

Initial stage, the surface screening intercepted large particles, and small particle is removed by deep filtering mechanism. With the formation of the surface sediment, sediment can intercepte large particles and small particles. And small inclusion particles can be captured by deep filtering mechanism. The filtering effect of ceramic foam filter will be better at this time.

When particles saturated adsorption, that is, the adsorption of particles from the melt number equals the particles taken away by the flow of melt, the slag removal ability reduces.

Ceramic Foam Filter Manufacturer

Choice of Ceramic Foam Filter

In addition to the geometry size, strength, chemical stability and thermal stability, the filtering effect of ceramic foam filter for casting depends largely on its internal structure.

At present, PPI (poreper inch) represents the size of the ceramic foam filter plate aperture. 40 PPI foam ceramic filter plate filter can remove 5 um size of inclusions. Particles can be cleared depending on the collision probability, but also depends on the adsorption ability of the filter for particles.

When choosing the pore size of the filter plate, priority should be given to product quality requirements. For civil extruded profiles, such as cast rods and slabs, please choose 10-40 PPI filter plates according to product category and melt cleanliness. The high-grade aluminum foil and tin can blanks and space materials require 30-80 PPI filter plates. The actual choice of filter plate depends on the user’s practice and experience, combined with its use conditions. Finally, the cleanliness of the product meets the quality requirements as a measurement standard.

Ceramic Foam Filters Manufacturer

AdTech is a professional Ceramic Foam Filters Manufacturer. In addition to ceramic foam filter, we also produce the online degassing unit, flux, hot casting parts, tap out cones, casting tips and nozzle, and other refractory coatings. We can help you get more pure aluminum liquid, and cast more pure aluminum products.

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