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Molten Metal Ceramic Filters

Molten Metal Ceramic Filters

Molten metal ceramic filters can remove the non-metallic inclusions in the molten aluminum alloy and treat them with furnace fluxes. Ceramic foam filtration technology has been widely applied in China.

Aluminum alloy smelting is the first step in the process of aluminum alloy processing, and it is also a crucial link. It is reflected in the alloying, purification, and refinement of smelting process. Aluminum foil is widely used in many fields because of its light weight, corrosion resistance, and good conductivity.

Ultra thin double zero aluminum foil with thickness less than 0.005 mm has become the goal and direction of modern aluminum hall processing company to seize the market and improve efficiency.

In order to obtain high quality ultra-thin double zero aluminum foil with a small number of pinholes and high output, the basic quality of aluminum foil blank must be strictly controlled.

Molten metal ceramic filters are the key technology in the production of aluminum foil blank. It is the premise and guarantee for processing high quality double zero aluminum foil. It has a profound influence on the quality and yield of ultra-thin double zero aluminum foil.

Molten Metal Ceramic Filters

When a new metal foam filter is used for the first time, slightly larger inclusions in the molten aluminum may pass through the holes of the ceramic filter plate. These “big particle” inclusions inherit and affect the inherent quality of the billet.

When the ceramic foam filter is used for a period of time, some small impurity particles will be adsorbed in its pores. As the filtration capacity of liquid aluminum does not increase gradually, the adsorption particles in the filter plate hole continue to gather, which makes the filter plate hole smaller, thus improving the filtration effect.

However, when the amount of impurities adsorbed by the filter plate is large enough to block the hole of the filter plate, the filtering effect begins to decrease, and the quality of the cast rolling slab decreases accordingly.

From the test pinhole, it can be seen that the secondary filter plate can remove the fine particles in the aluminum melt, and has a better purification effect on the aluminum melt.

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