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Ceramic Foam Filter Installation

Ceramic Foam Filter Installation

Ceramic Foam Filter Installation is closely related to the ceramic foam filter filtration efficiency. At the same time, it is not necessary to reduce the inclusions during the operation, such as neglecting smelting, heat treatment furnace, casting, etc. In order to prevent heavy pollution of the filtered clean aluminum.

In general, the ceramic foam filter installation and use need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Correct selection of ceramic foam filter: The size and specification of the filter plate must consider the specific type of metal filtration, the maximum level, the total amount of filtration, and the cleanliness of the original aluminum liquid.

The pre-treatment of melt filtering cannot be ignored: such as normal slagging of furnace and holding furnace, furnace cleaning; refining, etc. In particular, the online degassing device is still necessary, because it can not only reduce the hydrogen content in the melt, but also remove some non-metallic inclusions.

The ceramic foam filter should be matched with the high temperature CFF filter box: it is suitable for sealing, which can prevent the metal from being filtered and entering the box from the gap, and it also avoids the foam filter plate from being too light and the aluminum liquid to fail.

Preheat before use: Preheat to remove moisture and facilitate initial instant filtration. Preheating can be achieved by electric or gas heating. Under normal circumstances, it needs about 15 minutes.

Ceramic Foam Filter Installation

The normal filtering process does not need slag, avoid knocking and vibrating the filter plate. At the same time, sufficient water should be used to avoid excessive movement of the tank aluminum.

After casting, drain the metal for cleaning and ceramic filter plate. As a vibrator, it is installed on the filter plate and shakes for one minute to get rid of 75% of the liquid metal retention from the filter plate.

Finally, the ceramic filter plate is cleaned around, and the filter plate is removed after coagulation.

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