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Deep bed filter

Realized functions and performance indicators of deep bed filter equipment products

1 Filtration accuracy: common to all alloys, according to different equipment specifications and different filter media laying methods and sizes, the diameter range of filtered impurities is: 5μm–30μm;
2 Filtration effect: The range of aluminum slag content is: ≤0.03mm²/kg aluminum –≤0.008mm²/kg aluminum (detected by ABB off-line slag tester).

3 Filtration capacity (T/H): Commonly used for all alloys (Mg≥1% alloys reduce 20-30%). According to different specifications of equipment and other filter media laying methods and sizes, the flow rate range is 15-80T/H H.

 Filtration capacity/bed is generally applicable to all alloys (20-30% reduction for Mg≥1% alloys), depending on equipment specifications and filter media laying methods and sizes:
1. The flow rate range of the impurity diameter below 10μm is fine filtration: 1000-10000T;
2. The coarse filtration flow rate range with impurity diameter above 10μm is 2000-15000T.

Equipment filter selection standard:
1. Under the condition of satisfying the flow rate of alloy casting, the service life of each bed of medium is 15-20 days/bed;
2. Filter impurity diameter: below 10μm, fine filter according to the standard model (including recycled aluminum): EG-S-15, EG-S-25, EG-S-35, EG-S-55, EG-S-65, EG -S-75;
3. For filtering impurities with a diameter of 10 μm or more, refer to the standard configuration for coarse filtration: reduce one model according to the standard configuration model, such as standard model EG-S-55, after lowering the model, it should be EG-S-35.

Offline heating station:
1. The first box baking: Equipped with compressed air to blow out the heating evenly, ensuring that the baking can be completed in 5-7 days;
2. Non-first-time box baking: Equipped with compressed air to blow off the heating evenly, ensuring that the baking can be completed in 4-5 days;
3. Lay the bed and bake the box: Equipped with compressed air to blow the heating evenly, ensuring that the baking can be completed in 4-6 days.

Online heating:
1. Ensure that the temperature of aluminum water in the box is 700-800°C within the process range;
2. Automatically adjust the heating power according to the temperature of the molten aluminum to reach the temperature required by the process as soon as possible.

Thermal insulation performance: The average shell temperature: high-end ≤ 65 ℃; mid-range ≤ 80 ℃.

Tilting device:

1. Equipped with a tilting frame and a hydraulic tilting mechanism, the tilting angle is >100°;
2. It is convenient to clean the filter medium (alumina ball, grid, support block) in the box, etc.;
3. It is convenient to clean the residual aluminum slag on the surface of the inner lining of the box.

1. For batch and continuous production lines, replace the plate filter, improve the filtration capacity, and ensure stable product quality;
2. Reduce labor costs and cause excessive unnecessary energy loss;
3. Realize semi-automated production and comprehensively reduce production costs.
Deep bed design principle:
1 Working principle of deep bed

Working principle of deep bed
Working principle of deep bed

Use the molten metal to pass through the alumina ball and alumina gravel filter bed to capture the impurities in the original aluminum water and obtain qualified pure aluminum water.
2 Calculation formula of deep bed filtration area
Deep bed filtration area m²=k*filtration capacity t/h*0.0413m²h/t
Note: “k” represents the correction factor, for example, “k” represents the grade of aluminum alloy. Example: According to the current filtration accuracy standard of 10 μm in the deep bed area, the selection of deep bed type “K” should be based on the estimated floating ratio of the standard filtration area. For example, coarse filtration requires a precision of 20 μm, and the filter area selection “K” is about 0.8, and so on.
Components of deep bed filter equipment
Deep bed filter equipment consists of 7 major components:
1 Box body: mainly composed of shell, inner lining, and an insulation layer (fiber paper, nano board, fiberboard, silk blanket insulation filler, and sealing material); mainly contains aluminum liquid and filter medium.
2 Box cover: It mainly consists of a shell, box cover material, an insulation layer (fiber paper, fiber blanket, aluminum foil cloth), anchor nails, and PTFE combined sealing ring; it mainly supports heating components and compressed air ducts, and at the same time reduces the temperature of molten aluminum loss.
3 Mini heater components: mainly include mini heater, mini heater taper sleeve, mini heater plug, mini heater connecting plate, mini heater fixing plate, mini heater portable device; mainly to ensure the temperature of the aluminum liquid at the bottom of the box Meet the production process requirements (according to customer needs to choose whether there is this heating accessory, such as aluminum alloy round rod with a filtration accuracy of 20um or more does not need to be configured).
4 Heating components: mainly composed of heaters, heater support pads, heater thermocouples, etc.; especially to bake the cabinet and ensure that the temperature of the aluminum liquid in the cabinet meets the production process requirements.
5 Bed making: mainly composed of support blocks, grids, alumina balls, and oxidized gravel; it is primarily used to filter impurities in the molten aluminum to purify the molten aluminum and meet the production process requirements.
6 Tilting mechanism: composed of a hydraulic station, oil pipe, oil cylinder, tilting frame, rotating shaft, etc.; it is mainly used to facilitate the removal of used alumina balls and alumina ball gravel inside the box, as well as the role of residual aluminum liquid.
7 Compressed air cabinet: mainly composed of cabinet body, pressure reducing valve, solenoid valve, flow meter, etc.; mainly to increase the fluidity of heat during deep bed oven and preheating, and reduce the time of deep bed oven and preheating.
8 Electric control cabinet: mainly composed of touch screen, PLC, power regulator, etc.; it mainly controls the heating power of heating components according to the requirements of deep bed oven and production process curve.
tipping mechanism

tipping mechanism
tipping mechanism

Function: The deep bed box is hoisted horizontally onto the tipping frame, the hydraulic station is activated to make the arm swing, and the deep bed box is driven to swing by using the slot of the rotating shaft. When the arm reaches the limit position (the maximum stroke of the oil cylinder), the deep bed The tilting angle of the box is about 108°, and the waste in the box (aluminum oxide balls, grids, etc.) is removed; when the swing arm reaches the limit position (the stroke of the oil cylinder is the shortest), the deep bed box is in a horizontal position. The deep bed box is in a horizontal position. The bed box can be hoisted away smoothly.

On-site use of deep bed filter

1 Online production – deep bed, electric control cabinet

deep bed field use
deep bed field use

2 online baking, production – deep bed, compressed air cabinet, electric control cabinet

3. Off-line baking – deep bed, compressed air cabinet, electric control cabinet

offline baking
offline baking


4. Deep bed tilting device – tilting device, electric control box, hydraulic station

Deep bed tilting device
Deep bed tilting device