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Midsummer Dragon Boat Festival Meet with you holding a fan-Adtech launched the Dragon Boat Festival activities

The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching midsummer, and the days are clear and the summer is long; On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, Adtech Group organized a DIY group fan hand-made activity called “Dragon Boat Festival in Midsummer, Let’s Meet You with a Fan”. The employees learned the technique of pasting dried flowers from scratch and experienced the process of making handmade fans. They not only felt the traditional culture but also gathered strength in-group cooperation.
Wang Zhikun, chairman of Adtech Group, participated in the Dragon Boat Festival with everyone. Chairman Wang Zhikun thanked everyone for their hard work and selfless dedication in their respective positions and sent sincere blessings. He also hoped that everyone would continue to work hard and achieve greater success in the days to come.
During the two-hour event, everyone focused carefully, asked for advice humbly, and cooperated with each other to make pieces of exquisite artwork from scattered material parts, and felt the beauty of the combination of life and art. This is not only a work of love and warmth, but also a dialogue between yourself and your own soul.
Preserved flowers have the meaning of “eternal happiness”. Through this event, everyone not only received a unique holiday gift but also felt the unique artistic charm of preserved flowers. Experience the joy of creation, decorate and beautify life, delight the body and mind, cultivate sentiment, enhance the ability to feel and create beauty, promote the physical and mental health of employees, and raise a sense of belonging in their hearts. At the same time, the edification of handicraft culture has awakened the traditional cultural genes in everyone’s hearts. In fact, traditional culture is not far away from us. We are all under the edification of Chinese culture invisibly!
One Dragon Boat Festival a year, one-year-old and one healthy life! A Zongzi is not only full of our yearning for a better life but also carries a strong sense of friendship. Whether it is sweet or salty, the friendship between friends and family is the best filling. The family sits idle and the lights are friendly, this is the greatest happiness in the world. Adtech Group wishes you to go through thousands of sails and come back with love!

The Dragon Boat Festival
The Dragon Boat Festival