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Adtech won the United Front Advanced Unit

Recently, the United Front Work Department of Wenxian County Committee of the Communist Party of China commended the advanced units and individuals of the county’s united front work in 2022, and Adtech (Jiaozuo) Metallurgical Materials Co., Ltd. won the title of “2022 Advanced Unit of the County’s United Front Work”.

Over the years, Adtech has conscientiously implemented the major decisions and deployments of party committees at all levels on the United Front, attached importance to ethnic and religious work, helped targeted poverty alleviation, and made outstanding achievements in promoting local economic and social development and ethnic unity and progress. The honor belongs to the past. Adtech will, as always, unite and unite the united front forces, further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, actively adapt to the new situation of the united front work, take responsibility, work hard, and make new and greater contributions to the united front work in Wen County.

Won the advanced unit of the united front
Won the advanced unit of the united front

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