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Aluminium Ceramic Filters

Aluminium Ceramic Filters

Aluminium ceramic filters play an essential role in removing these impurities and ensuring high-quality casting in Indonesia aluminium foundry. Ceramic foam filter uses high-quality porous foam raw materials and high-purity ceramics, which can effectively remove the non-metallic solid mixture in molten aluminum and aluminum alloy melt in your aluminum casting industry.

Ceramic foam filters are just developed new types of molten metal filters to decrease casting flaw in recent years, play a vital role in the metal casting and foundry industries, where they are used to filter out impurities in molten metal to improve the quality and performance of the end product. Even the slightest non-metal impurities in the molten metal can have a devastating effect on the performance and strength of finished metal goods. This can result in end products failing to meet the necessary quality standards.

Advantages of Aluminium Ceramic Foam Filters

  • Less likely to have metal flow related problems
  • The flow rate and velocity of the metal flowing through the filter are more consistent
  • Potential to improve the cleanliness of castings
  • A finer filter can be used to filter molten aluminum and alloys, which was impossible before
  • Greater filtration efficiency, higher turbulence control level
  • Reduce the possibility of metal bypassing the filter
  • Very low friability, reducing the possibility of filter impurities in the casting
  • Compared with before, it has improved the foundry’s confidence in the overall performance of molten aluminum filtration products

The aluminium ceramic filters can improve the cleanliness of the casting, reduce the scrap rate, or reduce the follow-up maintenance work. The production time and cost of castings can be reduced to ensure a more leaner and more reliable supply chain. The filter can ensure that the filling process is calm and controlled. This reduces the possibility of “re-oxidation” defects and improves the surface of the casting.

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