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Aluminium Foundries Filter

Aluminium Foundries Filter

Aluminium foundries filter molten metal filtration is the most effective and reliable method to remove non-metallic inclusions in the aluminum melt. There are many ways to filter, the simplest is the glass cloth filter, the best is the filter tube and the foam ceramic filter plate.

Ceramic foam filter plates are generally made of 50mm thick and 200-600m long filters, with porosity as high as 0.8% to 0.9%. It is characterized by easy to use, good filtering effect and relatively cheap price.

The ceramic foam filter is installed in the plate filter box and installed online between the metal processing system and the casting equipment. The plate filter box has the dual functions of filtering and heating molten aluminum liquid. The principle of filtration is that the molten metal aluminum liquid passes through the ceramic filter plate to capture the impurities in the aluminum liquid. The effect of filtration depends on the choice of the number of filtration pores, and the filtration flow rate depends on the size, number and number of pores of the filter plate.

Foundry Filter

Aluminium foundries filter molten metal filtration mechanism: solid impurities are mainly deposited inside the pores of the filter medium, and as the filtration progresses, the effective filtration section of the pores gradually decreases, the permeability decreases, and the filtration accuracy improves.

The ceramic foam filter has a large specific surface area, and the melt and the filter medium have a sufficient chance of contact. When the melt is carrying solid impurities and moving along the filter at variable speeds, since the density and speed of the solid inclusions are different from those of the melt, it is possible to deposit under the action of gravity. In addition, due to the non-spherical nature of the solid particles and the uneven shear force field, the impurities move laterally, thereby being stuck or adsorbed by the channel walls. Therefore, the ceramic foam filter can trap solid inclusions that are much smaller than the diameter of its pores.

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