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Aluminum Alloy Foundry Filters

Aluminum Alloy Foundry Filters

Asian aluminum alloy foundry filters are mainly used to filter aluminum and aluminum alloys in foundries. This is an effective aluminum fusion filter. Three-dimensional connected mesh structure, high porosity, large slag collecting surface area, large internal surface area for filtering, small flow resistance, and good filtering effect.

The Asian aluminum alloy casting filter has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, large specific surface area, high porosity, excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance.
Utilizing a distributed network structure, they can increase the surface area and absorb thin waste, so liquid metal can be safely formed.
Ceramic foam filter has excellent performance, can improve the molding quality by reducing the rejection rate of molded products, and can avoid quality problems (such as waste holes, sand holes and holes).

Aluminum Alloy Foundry Filters Function
Purify molten metal
Simplified casting system
Improve the metallurgical structure of castings
Reduce impurities in castings
Improve casting quality rate
Reduce re-oxidation defects inside the casting
Reduce surface defects after casting

Aluminum Alloy Foundry Filters

Ceramic foam filter
660x660x50 (26″)
584x584x50 (23″)
508x508x50 (20″)
432x432x50 (17″)
381x381x50 (15″)
305x305x50 (12″)
228x228x50 (9″)
178x178x50 (7″)

Ceramic foam clamp hole size (PPI): 10/20/30/40/50/60

ADTECH has been focusing on the manufacture of metallurgical materials.

ADTECH is one of the followers of the international enterprise, which has been focusing on the manufacture of metallurgical materials.
1. Ceramic foam filter
2. Degassing device
3. Filter box
4. Hot Top Casting Series
5. Die casting nozzle
6. Flux series
7. Other metallurgical materials

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