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Aluminum Alloy Slab Casting

Aluminum Alloy Slab Casting

We offer fluxes, ceramic launder and trough, online degassing system, CFF filtering unit, flow control series, casting platform accessories for aluminum alloy slab production.

The main processes for producing aluminum alloy slabs include batching, smelting, heat preservation, refining, casting, and uniform annealing of ingots.

The basic process of aluminum alloy slab casting is as follows:

  1. According to the specific requirements of alloy chemical composition, use electrolytic raw aluminum liquid, intermediate alloy, and return waste to complete the batching, and smelt in the smelting furnace, and then carry out degassing and slag removal, stirring, slagging, and sampling analysis operations.
  2. After the material composition is qualified, the aluminum liquid is transferred to the static furnace, and the corresponding heat preservation and standing and degassing refining treatment are completed in the furnace.
  3. Subsequently, the aluminum-titanium-boron wire grain refining agent was continuously added in the launder, and the online grain refining treatment was started.
  4. Use online rotary degassing equipment and CFF two-stage foam ceramic filter equipment for online degassing and filtering. Afterward, the finished aluminum liquid is collected by the crystallizer, and the ingot production is carried out according to the fully automatic casting process, and finally, the slab product is obtained.

For aluminum alloy slabs produced by enterprises, quality problems such as cracks, slag inclusions, porosity, porosity, and coarse grains are more common, which have a bad influence on the processing and product quality of aluminum alloy. Therefore, starting with the smelting and casting process of aluminum alloy slabs, optimizing production parameter control, and improving the casting quality of aluminum alloy slabs have important practical significance.

The continuous purification treatment of aluminum melt before casting is called out-of-furnace purification treatment, also called melt online purification treatment. Compared with the in-furnace treatment, the online purification treatment has a good purification effect, the melt is free from secondary pollution, the labor intensity is low, and there is no pollution. Cooperating with continuous casting or continuous casting and rolling, continuous and automatic casting production can be realized.

According to incomplete statistics: 99% of the on-line purification system outside the furnace is a rotary degassing device in the form of a degasser, and more than 95% of the slag filter system uses CFF foam ceramic filter plates.

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