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Aluminum Purification

Aluminum Purification

Aluminum purification is an important research and development object of melting and casting production in aluminum enterprises.

Rotary nozzle degassing method is widely used, which is stable, effective and reliable, such as snif degassing device in the United States, ALPR degassing device in France, and Adtech online degassing device in China.

These degassing methods use nitrogen or as refining gas. Argon not only can effectively remove hydrogen from aluminum melt, but also has good removal effect on alkali metal or alkaline earth metal, and can improve the separation effect of slag liquid.

With the rapid development of aluminum purification technology, the main research and development goal of the world’s major aluminum processing and casting companies is furnace melting technology.

The main development direction is to continuously improve the purity of the melt and continuously pursue high efficiency and low price.

Adtech’s on-line degassing equipment and CFF filter equipment can meet the development needs of aluminum purification technology.

Improving the filtration effect and effectively removing non-metallic inclusions is the focus of the development of melt purification technology. The above methods are very effective and have good effect on improving the purity of melt.

At present, many countries have studied many kinds of melt filtration methods, but there are more researches on foam ceramic filter plates. It has many new varieties. In order to improve the filtration accuracy, the filter plate hole has developed from 50 PPI to 60 PPI. Composite filter plate appears, that is, the filter plate is divided into two layers.

The one inch hole on the top is big, and the one inch hole on the bottom is very small.

The variety specifications are 30 / 50, 30 / 60, 30 / 70 PI, and the filtration efficiency of composite filter plate is higher.

At present, comprehensive treatment of purification and refinement of liquid aluminum is the basic problem to obtain high-quality aluminum alloy. According to the different production links, the purification treatment of aluminum water can be divided into furnace treatment and external treatment. According to the purification mechanism, the aluminum alloy furnace treatment is divided into adsorption purification technology and non adsorption purification technology.

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