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Aluminum Recycled Materials

Aluminum Recycled Materials

Aluminum is one of the most recycled materials on the planet. Today, the global recycling efficiency has reached 76%. The high recovery rates in all regions highlight the economic and environmental value of aluminum shavings.

Aluminum is the key to a sustainable future, because aluminum’s unique combination includes lightness, strength, durability and recyclability. The rapid growth of population and economy in the next decade means that global demand for aluminum will double before 2050, and recycled metals will reach 50% to 60%.

Aluminum recycled materials can be remelted and reused without affecting its unique properties. This means that aluminum products can be recycled repeatedly.

According to data from the International Aluminum Association, Europe has the world’s highest recycling efficiency (RER), which can recycle 81% of aluminum scrap in the region.

North America has the highest recycling rate (RIR) in the world, and 57% of the metal produced in the region comes from scrap.

China is the largest consumer of primary aluminum and secondary aluminum, and it also produces more than 10 million tons of scrap aluminum each year, accounting for one-third of the global annual total.

Aluminum recycled materials can be reused after refining and degassing. AdTech specially solves the purity of aluminum, we have refining flux, online degassing unit, ceramic foam filter for molten aluminum purification.

Fluxes for Aluminum Casting

AdTech products have a very wide range of applications, which are mainly used for casting alloy in civilian areas such as electronics products, furniture, solar equipment, construction, and industrial areas such as autos, high-speed rails, also covering aviation and military fields. They are widely used in the metallurgical and casting industry of nonferrous metals, for example, steel, copper, magnesium, etc.

AdTech’s products are manufactured with quite powerful processing engineering and very advanced producing technology, as below:

  • On-line degreasing filter facilities adopt Japanese technology, with reasonable design structure. The hydrogen cleaning efficiency is stable at 60% and up to 80%;
  • Ceramic foam filter adhibits American technology, which is sintered under high temperature by Al2O3-type molten material. It is with high strength and super adsorption property, which can effectively filter micron inclusions in aluminum liquid;
  • Hot top casting parts are made of refrasil material, with high strength, aluminum rejecting and persistent service life;
  • Roll casting nozzle is using nanometer natural fiber composite material under integral molding, with high precision, not easy to carbonizing and deforming.

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