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Aluminum Rotating Degassing

Aluminum Rotating Degassing

In view of its light weight, aluminum is a frequently used metal. However, when casting aluminum, impurities called inclusions can create weak points in the product. These inclusions will cause structural defects in aluminum alloy castings. As the demand for high-quality aluminum products continues to increase, especially in the aerospace industry, the demand for the quality of aluminum alloy products is also increasing. In order to remove impurities from the melt to provide cleaner and better quality aluminum, one of the most effective cleaning methods is aluminum rotating degassing. Therefore, hydrogen and non-metallic inclusions must be removed from the molten metal first.

Molten aluminum is extremely reactive, so when it comes in contact with moist air or moist tools, water decomposes to release hydrogen in the melt. Dissolved gas plays an important role in the distribution and quantity of porosity and shrinkage. Aluminum degassing is a process used to remove hydrogen and other solid impurities from molten aluminum. Degassing aluminum can prevent and minimize the introduction of hydrogen into the melt, and remove hydrogen before casting.

AdTech has developed an online degassing device by using various aluminum alloy degassing systems to remove gases and inclusions. The main function of the online degassing system is to remove the hydrogen dissolved in molten metal, and its secondary function is to remove alkali metals and inclusions. The selection of online degassing equipment is related to the function of the final casting product.

Principle of aluminum rotating degassing: inert gas (nitrogen or argon) is transmitted to the metal in the furnace through the hollow graphite rotor. The rotor impeller can effectively cut small bubbles. Alkali metals, inclusions and hydrogen are directly removed from the furnace in a short reaction time. In addition, due to the stirring of the rotor, the uniformity of the temperature and chemical composition of the metal in the furnace is better.

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