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Aluminum Water Refining Agent

Aluminum Water Refining Agent

Aluminum water refining agent is mainly used to remove hydrogen and floating oxide slag in aluminum water. It is also used for high-temperature melt refining and aluminum alloy purification. The main function is to remove internal inclusions and hydrogen in the high-temperature melt. The molten aluminum refining agent is easy to decompose at high temperature, and the produced gas can react with hydrogen, can strongly adsorb the slag and leave the melt quickly, playing the role of slag removal. This makes the aluminum liquid cleaner.

Aluminum water refining agent can be used for various aluminum alloy melts, and can also be used for smelting, refining and slagging of pure aluminum. When using, only need to spray the refining agent on the surface, and then quickly dissolve the refining agent in the aluminum liquid, and then fully stir it. If spray is used, it is best to use inert gas to inject the refining agent, for example, nitrogen and argon can be selected.

Be especially careful when spraying. Apply air before starting the powder. Finally, stop the powder before stopping the gas flow. This is to prevent the aluminum refining agent from clogging the nozzle. If you find that the aluminum liquid refining agent has moisture or agglomeration. If it is square, you can open the package and dry it in the sun to continue using it. It is necessary to add a sufficient amount of molten aluminum refining agent to the surface of the molten aluminum to uniformly cover the surface of the molten aluminum and protect the molten aluminum from air oxidation. The addition amount must be added in proportion.

Liquid aluminum refining agent has the advantages of being smokeless, odorless, dust-free and easy to operate. The refining agent has a good degassing effect, under normal circumstances, it can reach 1-2 pinholes, and the slag is dry and loose. It separates well from the liquid aluminum alloy and is easy to remove.

A thin layer of flux should float on the surface of the refined aluminum liquid. So the response was very good. If there is no such flux, then the work is bad. After processing, let it sit for 30 minutes. Bubbles do not come out of the surface of the liquid, which indicates that the molten aluminum is processed well.

AdTech refining agent uses unique technology to improve the traditional molten metal degassing and slag removal effect. Refining agent to purify molten metal is used in the casting and rolling process of multiple series of aluminum alloy products such as aluminum foil micron cotton, PS plate base for printing, cans, flexible packaging materials, rail transit, aerospace products, cables and wires.

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