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Caster Tip for Aluminum Strip Casting

Caster Tip for Aluminum Strip Casting

The caster tip for aluminum strip casting is a key part of conveying molten aluminum in aluminum alloy casting and rolling production. The nozzle structure will directly affect whether the melt can enter the casting-rolling zone from the nozzle cavity uniformly and stably, thereby affecting the quality of the plate.

The structure and components of the nozzle cavity are the key components that affect the flow field and temperature field distribution in the nozzle cavity. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a new type of mold nozzle, which has a stronger cooling capacity and a more reasonable flow field distribution in the nozzle cavity.

The shunt blocks inside the casting nozzle are arranged in an orderly manner, thereby improving the uniformity of melt distribution in the casting nozzle and improving the quality of cast-rolled products. Ceramic fiber castertip plays a key role in stabilizing the casting and rolling process and quality.

The caster tip and nozzle are the key consumption part of the whole aluminum sheeting casting process, which directly affect the surface quality and grain arrangement of the sheet products. Aluminum silicate caster tip produced by our plant is the third generation of caster tips with the following characteristics.

Caster Tip for Aluminum Strip Casting

Characteristics of Caster Tip for Aluminum Strip Casting

Proper elasticity;
Anti-corrosion of aluminum liquid;
Smooth surface;
High temperature resistance and small deformation;
Special imported reinforce smooth agent application at work area;
Longer service life.
Our company is producing and exporting aluminum silicate caster tips to our customers. These are the key components of the continuous aluminum casting machine, and they directly affect the quality of the aluminum plate. According to different casting machines, casters can be divided into many types.

The aluminum silicate caster tip is made of ceramic fiber and other refractory materials. The opening surface and the working surface are coated smoothly, which can resist the corrosion of liquid aluminum and ensure the purity of the aluminum plate.

Castertips have excellent non-wetting properties, low thermal conductivity, high temperature stability, uniform density, smooth surface and close tolerances, and are high-quality products for continuous aluminum strip casting.

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