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Castertip Cavity

Castertip Cavity

The castertip cavity is used in aluminum strip casting and rolling process. The quality of the separator structure of the diaphragm in the casting nozzle directly affects the flow field distribution of molten aluminum. The continuous casting process is a comprehensive technology that combines solidification and deformation.

Generally, the width of the cast-rolled billet is determined by the outlet width of the nozzle. In order to improve equipment utilization and reduce operating costs, the width of plates produced by ordinary casting and rolling equipment is relatively wide, generally reaching 1450mm-1600mm. For cast-rolled billets with a width of less than 800mm, if traditional equipment structures and production methods are used for production, the unit output will be reduced.

The casting nozzle of the continuous casting rolling mill is a rigid, high-temperature resistant ceramic fiber board, which is made of high-purity ceramic fiber and a binder, and is made by a wet molding process in a vacuum environment.

Castertip cavity has low thermal conductivity, good high temperature stability, airflow resistance, uniform density, excellent resistance to thermal shock and chemical attack (except phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid, concentrated alkali), and easy to install.

Aluminum Casting Nozzle

Castertip Cavity Features

  • Due to its strong thermal insulation capacity, it helps reduce energy costs and cycle time, and protects the furnace shell from thermal shocks.
  • It can be directly used as a refractory material.
  • It is suggested that the cavity is calcined at high temperature without organic matter, and the shrinkage rate is zero at 800°C. It can be used in various twin-roll continuous casting machines.
  • It is a soft casting nozzle made of ceramic fiber without slag ball, used to produce aluminum plate, aluminum foil, and aluminum industrial products.
  • It is a casting nozzle made of ceramic fiber without slag ball and imported filler. The product has the characteristics of high strength, smooth surface, and wear resistance.
  • Suitable for casting and rolling of high-speed aluminum plates.

AdTech casting nozzle is made of high-quality material (without sodium silicate), with good non-stick aluminum, low thermal conductivity, good high-temperature stability, uniform density, smooth surface, and precise dimensions. Product quality has reached the international advanced level.

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