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Casting Refine Flux

Casting Refine Flux

Casting Refine Flux is used as a refining agent for liquid metal degassing and slagging in the aluminum alloy casting process. The refining agent generally uses a unique technology to improve the traditional degassing and slagging effect in molten aluminum.

The refining agent is white (slightly gray) powdery fine particles, the main components are chlorine salt and fluoride salt, and other compounds. After proper heating treatment and sieving, the particle size is uniform.

It is beneficial for the refining tank to uniformly enter the lower layer of the aluminum liquid under the action of the carrier gas (N 2 or Ar ), and form numerous small bubbles in the aluminum liquid through physical and chemical changes to fully contact the aluminum liquid, and separate the [H] and the aluminum liquid. Other harmful gases.

At the same time, some substances contained in the refining agent can strongly adsorb and melt the oxides and suspended solids in the melt and adhere to the bubbles together, and bring them to the surface of the aluminum liquid as the bubbles rise, so as to achieve degassing and slagging and other refining Purpose of purification.

Casting Refine Flux

It is environmentally friendly and economical, and meets the requirements for the production of high-value-added, high-tech aluminum alloy precision castings for aviation and transportation.
Such as: computer hard disk, micron aluminum foil wool, PS board base for printing, canning materials, jet turbine engine fan blades and other products, suitable for commonly used aluminum alloys (alloys with high magnesium content and aluminum-magnesium alloys cannot be used ), when smelting with pure aluminum, degas refining and slag removal.

Casting Refine Flux adopts the principle of metal-liquid compound combination to develop and configure products to reduce smoke, reduce burn damage, and be environmentally and economical.
The refining agent solves the traditional refining effect of large amount and high aluminum ash content. AdTech’s refining agent uses 1.5-2.0kg per ton of aluminum and discharges 0.8-1% of aluminum ash, and meets the requirements of high-precision aluminum alloy casting. Effectively increase the rate of return of molten metal by 0.6-0.8%, and achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.

The refining agent is properly heated and sieved, and the particle size is uniform, which is beneficial for the refining tank to evenly enter the lower layer of the aluminum liquid under the action of the carrier gas (N 2 or Ar ), which fully solves the traditional pipe blockage and failure to evenly disperse. It is not conducive to ensuring casting quality and other issues.
Part of the components in the refining agent are easily decomposed at high temperatures, and the generated gas is prone to hydrogen reaction, has a strong adsorption force with slag inclusions, and quickly escapes from the melt. Other components also have the function of slag cleaning agent.

Instructions for Casting Refine Flux
Remove the packaging, put the flux into the powder spraying equipment, and evenly spray the refining agent into the melt through the powder spray tank under the action of nitrogen or argon.
Make the nozzle outlet as close as possible to the bottom of the molten pool and swim back and forth to make the refining agent fully contact with the molten aluminum.
Then use nitrogen or argon to sort and refine from the bottom of the furnace for 20 minutes. After the management effect, the countless small bubbles formed in the aluminum liquid and the oxide slag are separated from the aluminum liquid, and slowly rise and carry hydrogen atoms to float out to complete the slag removal, Degassing and purification.

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