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Ceramic Filter for Aluminum Casting

Ceramic Filter for Aluminum Casting

The ceramic filter for aluminum casting can not only effectively remove a large number of foreign impurities in the molten aluminum, but also filter out fine inclusions of a few microns that cannot be removed by traditional processes. Hydrogen atoms and other harmful ions in molten aluminum are usually adsorbed on inclusions, which can become the core of bubble formation.

Therefore, while filtering out the inclusions, ceramic filter for aluminum casting can also reduce the content of these harmful elements and gases in the aluminum liquid. Some studies also believe that the filter disc will filter out many small inclusions, thereby reducing the effective crystal nuclei required for the solidification of molten aluminum. Under larger subcooling conditions, ceramic filters for aluminum casting can promote the growth of aluminum cores, refine the structure, and improve product performance.

After the smelting is completed, there are a lot of scum on the surface of the aluminum alloy, mainly Al2O3 and other oxide inclusions. These small inclusions are heavier than aluminum liquid, but after agglomeration and agglomeration, the specific gravity is lighter and floating on the surface, it needs to be slag removed. Add the slag remover in the amount of 0.2%~0.5%, sprinkle it evenly on the surface of the molten aluminum, and perform shallow and uniform stirring.

Put the slag on the furnace door and close the door to make it stand up. On the one hand, the slag cleaning agent has a heating effect and can melt the molten aluminum attached to the slag; on the other hand, it can effectively mix the slag and molten aluminum. Separation, which is beneficial to slag. After the slag is allowed to stand for a few minutes, the aluminum slag can be smoothly removed from the furnace door. After refining, the molten aluminum also needs to be degassed and filtered. The online degasser and CFF filter box are generally installed between the melting furnace and the casting machine.

Alumina ceramic foam filter is mainly used for aluminum alloy filtration in casting and foundry workshops. The CFF filter has excellent resistance to molten aluminum corrosion and corrosion, which can effectively remove inclusions and reduce residual gas.

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