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Ceramic Filter for Emirates Aluminium

Ceramic Filter for Emirates Aluminium

The ceramic filter has become a necessary material for Emirates Aluminium. By applying the ceramic foam filter, the inclusions in the molten metal can be effectively removed or reduced, the purity of the molten metal can be improved, the surface of the cast metal castings can be smooth, the strength is improved, and the machining loss is reduced, thereby reducing energy consumption and increase labor productivity.

The ceramic foam filter can not only filter out large inclusions, but also have inclusions retained throughout the depth of the filter. Inclusions smaller than the surface opening size will stay on the inner surface of the filter when passing through the three-dimensional channel of the filter. Ceramic foam filters usually play an important role in reducing turbulence. This will greatly reduce the re-oxidation of the molten metal and make the molten metal pass through the ceramic foam filter smoothly and without any bubbles.

When Emirates Aluminium uses a ceramic foam filter, the pore size of the filter should be determined according to the quality requirements of the molten aluminum and the number of inclusions in the molten metal. Determine the size of the filter according to the casting speed and weight.

The Emirates aluminum industry currently accounts for 1.4% of the country’s economy and is valued at US$5.4 billion.

Emirates Global Aluminum is the largest industrial company in the UAE excluding oil and gas. The company and its surrounding aluminum industry created nearly 61,000 jobs for the UAE in 2017.

The Oxford Economics Research Institute reported that for every 100 people working in the UAE, one person is employed in the aluminum industry, its supply chain, or through the wages of employees in that industry.

EGA started production in 1979 under the name of Dubai Aluminum Company (DUBAL). It is currently one of the world’s largest aluminum companies and is at the center of the industrial field.

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