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Ceramic Filter Indonesia Aluminum

Ceramic Filter Indonesia Aluminum

Ceramic Filter Indonesia Aluminum creates a unique, tortuous fluid flow path that captures inclusions and allows for clean, smooth travel of the metal outlet to the mold cavity.

The most important filter parameters are effective porosity (that is, porosity, which effectively causes fluid), tortuosity, specific surface area and pore size.

The filtration process also depends on: alloy type, refiner, pouring rate, metal temperature, etc.

The addition of the refiner before the filter has a particularly negative impact on the filtration efficiency.

Based on cost, ease of use and acceptable performance characteristics, CFF molten metal filtration is generally considered to be the “best” filter for casting.

Ceramic Filter Indonesia Aluminum main advantages are high filtration efficiency, reduced turbulence, refractoriness and corrosion resistance, suitable for the most demanding casting applications.

Ceramic Filter Indonesia Aluminum

Indonesian state-owned enterprise PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminum (Persero) or Inalum, which specializes in aluminum smelting, will cooperate with PT PLN (Persero), recognizing its responsibility to develop the national aluminum industry to a more advanced stage, innovative and competitive level.

On November 18, 2021, Danny Praditya, Director of Operations and Portfolio of Inalum, during a specific working visit of the VII DPR RI Committee to the Inalum Power Plant (PLTA) area in Paritohan, Doba County, North Sumatra, stated that aluminum metal has great potential in In terms of resources and markets in Indonesia and the world.

At present, Inalum is undergoing the reduction furnace technology upgrade project, the optimization of the Kuala Tanjung smelter, the construction of the Mempawah smelting grade alumina refinery, and the construction of aluminum remelting.

However, these strategic projects are expected to enable Inalum to meet the needs of the aluminum market and promote a more modern national industrial sector.

Inalum continues to demonstrate its commitment to becoming a mainstay in the advancement of modern aluminum downstream and industrialization. Inalum’s vision to become an important player in the domestic and global aluminum market must be supported by all stakeholders because Inalum is the only aluminum smelting and processing company in Indonesia. 500,000 tons per year.

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