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Ceramic Foam Filter Capacity

Ceramic Foam Filter Capacity

The ceramic foam filter capacity calculation should fully consider the filtration flow rate of each filter. If the flow rate is too small, the filter flow rate cannot meet the total requirement of the filtered molten metal, resulting in filter blockage; too large a flow rate will cause unnecessary waste and increase cost of production.

Ceramic foam filter Pore Size(PPI):10/20/30/40/50/60.

30ppi 40ppi Foundry Filter is the most commonly used ceramic foam filter in the aluminum casting industry. Ordinary aluminum casting usually uses 10-40ppi ceramic filter plates. Aviation and high-quality aluminum materials usually use 30-60ppi ceramic filter plates.

The filtering flow of each filter is limited. Usually, a filter can be placed on the bottom of the sprue for castings less than 100kg. But for large castings, you must consider placing two or more filters, usually in the runner or in the runner.

Filters with the same mesh pore size can filter different metal liquids and have different filtering capabilities. As long as the effective use area of ​​the ceramic foam filter is calculated, and then multiplied by the filtering capacity per unit area, the total amount of molten metal filtered by each filter can be obtained.

Molten Metal Filter Plate

Selection of Foam Ceramic Filter Thickness

In order to make the ceramic foam filter give full play to its filtering effect and improve the impact resistance of high-temperature metal, a certain thickness must be ensured when choosing a ceramic foam filter, otherwise it is likely to cause the filter to melt through.

Although the ceramic foam filter has a good filtering effect and does not pollute the metal alloy, if it is not selected properly, it will not only not have the proper filtering effect, but will have a negative impact on production. If the ceramic foam filter melts through, it will artificially cause slag and cause the product to be scrapped.

Ceramic foam filter Dimension


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