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Ceramic Foam Filter China Factory

Ceramic Foam Filter China Factory

Ceramic foam filter China factory AdTech is committed to removing inclusions in aluminum melt, which has a significant impact on strength fatigue strength, corrosion resistance and stress corrosion cracking performance.

The ceramic foam filter can effectively control the oxidized inclusions in the melt to improve the quality of cast rods and rolled plates. It has become a common goal pursued by the metallurgical, casting and material industries of various countries. Currently, filtration and purification methods are widely used to remove inclusions in aluminum alloy melts.

Although Adtech is a ceramic foam filter factory in China, its process engineers have expertise in aluminum and aluminum alloy casting.
Process engineers believe that part of the inclusions in the aluminum alloy come directly from the charge, most of which are formed during the melting and casting process, mainly oxide inclusions.
All inclusions before casting are called primary oxidation inclusions.

Ceramic Foam Filter China Factory
According to its size, it can be divided into two categories:
1. The unevenly distributed large inclusions in the macrostructure make the alloy structure discontinuous, reduce the compactness of the casting, and become the source of corrosion and cracks, thereby greatly reducing the strength and plasticity of the alloy.
2. Small scattered inclusions cannot be completely removed after refining. They increase the viscosity of molten metal and reduce the feeding capacity of molten aluminum during solidification.
Secondary oxidation inclusions are mainly formed during the casting process. During the casting process, molten aluminum contacts air, and oxygen reacts with aluminum to form oxide inclusions.
During the smelting process, the aluminum alloy comes into contact with various components in the furnace gas to generate compounds such as AL2O3. The Al2O3 in the aluminum melt will increase the hydrogen content in the aluminum melt. Therefore, the content of Al 2 O 3 in molten aluminum has a great influence on the formation of pores in aluminum castings.

With the accumulation of this knowledge, the process engineers of the ceramic foam filter China factory can better improve and transform the product quality, and manufacture online degassing devices and CFF devices that can meet customer needs.
Therefore, Norwegian Aluminum Company is satisfied with the product quality of the ceramic foam filter China factory, and recommends the method of purchasing ceramic foam filter to other European aluminum casting companies

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