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Ceramic Foam Filter for Metal Casting

Ceramic Foam Filter for Metal Casting

The ceramic foam filter is an extremely effective tool for obtaining the purity of the molten metal during the casting process.

The ideal filtration characteristics of our foam filters depend on the 3D structure of the ceramic matrix. In addition, they are characterized by very good thermal conductivity, both in terms of stability and resistance to sudden temperature changes. The ceramic foam filter performs well in reducing the flow rate and stabilizing the water flow.

We offer ceramic foam filter models ranging from 20 to 60 PPI. We also provide sealing gaskets, which can seal the filter at the installation position by applying very little pressure to the filter.

Filtering molten metal with a ceramic foam filter is an effective method to remove inclusions. The ceramic foam filter is produced with expanded polystyrene. The polystyrene is expanded by steam in a specially designed mold to form a polystyrene pattern. Then the various ceramic slurries were poured into the polystyrene cell and allowed to air dry. After the forming operation, the filter undergoes a sintering process under various conditions. With this new method, the size of the filter channel can be controlled, and traps with the desired configuration can be formed. Some tests were performed on the produced filters. The thermal shock test ensures that the filter can withstand temperatures of 1450 °C. The water absorption test shows that bauxite-based materials absorb more water than other materials.

The ceramic foam filter is used as an integral part of the aluminum melt purification treatment device, which can effectively reduce the content of inclusions. The use of ceramic foam filters in the production of many kinds of aluminum alloys can achieve a satisfactory level of metallurgical quality. The correct selection and use of filters is an important prerequisite for obtaining the best filtering effect.

The ceramic foam filter for metal casting can greatly reduce the inclusion defects, refine the crystal grains, improve the mechanical properties of the castings, improve the machining performance of the castings, improve the internal and external quality of the castings, simplify the pouring system, increase the process yield, and reduce the machining allowance. Foam ceramic filters have greatly improved the quality and competitiveness of aluminum castings, and at the same time increased the profits of foundry enterprises.

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