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Ceramic Immersion Nozzle

Ceramic Immersion Nozzle

The ceramic immersion nozzle is an important part used in the aluminum and aluminum alloy casting process, and is mainly used in the field of aluminum liquid transfer in aluminum alloy casting. It has the advantages of moderate flexibility, small variables, and long service life. The boron nitride coating can effectively prevent the corrosion of molten aluminum.

The immersion nozzle and the integral stopper are opened and closed in the tundish to control the position of the stopper rod head to the water inlet of the tundish to adjust the flow of molten aluminum into the mold. It is an aluminum liquid flow control device used for aluminum continuous casting and rolling mill equipment.

Features of Ceramic Immersion Nozzle

1. It is resistant to scouring of molten aluminum, does not stick to slag, and does not form tumors.
2. High bulk density, strong resistance to liquid aluminum permeability.
3. High temperature structure strength, strong wear resistance.
4. Strong resistance to chemical erosion of slag.
5. Good thermal shock resistance, resistance to rapid cold, and rapid heat.

Immersion Nozzle

Advantages of Ceramic Immersion Nozzle

1. The prefabricated block of the liquid aluminum shunt pipe does not need to be cast on site. It only needs to be assembled to simplify the installation process, and there is no need to prepare construction equipment on site.
2. The prefabricated liquid aluminum duct block has completed the steps of pouring, curing, drying and baking when delivered, and is directly put into use, saving maintenance and baking time.
3. The construction of prefabricated blocks of aluminum shunt pipes is not restricted by environmental or seasonal conditions. In some places in midsummer and severe winter, castings cannot be built on site under natural conditions unless artificial heating or cooling measures are taken. In order to meet the construction temperature requirements.
4. Since there is no need to bake the prefabricated block of the molten aluminum conduit, it can be put into use, effectively avoiding the baking and bursting of the refractory castable.

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