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CFF Filter Box

CFF Filter Box

CFF filter box for aluminum casting provides an effective method for removing inclusions in a wide range of critical applications. The inclusions in the aluminum ingot destroy the continuity of the metal, and they are often one of the main sources of cracks. Thereby reducing the performance of aluminum alloy, affecting the quality of casting. With the development of science and technology, the requirements for aluminum alloy materials are getting higher and higher, especially in the use of industries such as aerospace, aviation, electronics and computers. The traditional refining process can not remove small and suspended non-metallic inclusions, so many new methods for purification of aluminum melt have been developed at home and abroad, such as plate filtering unit, online degassing unit.

CFF Filter Box

Since the development of the first ceramic foam filter (CFF) system for the aluminum industry in the early 1980s, this technology has been adopted by all types of aluminum casting plants worldwide. AdTech offers CFF filter boxes for aluminum casting, it can improve metal quality, reduces processing time and reduces operating costs. The latest technological advancements of CFF, such as fine pore filters and improved filtration systems, are more suitable for the strict operating conditions of foundries. And ceramic foam filter system provides an effective method for removing inclusions from liquid aluminum in a wide range of critical applications.

CFF Filter Box

There are three most commonly used filtration systems in the aluminium industry today. These are Deep Bed Filter (DBF), Bonded Particle Tube Filter (BPTF) and Ceramic Foam Filter (CFF). All the systems are capable of producing high levels of filtration efficiency. There are however significant differences in the operation and maintenance of these units. Both the bed and tube filter systems demand a large floor space whereby the CFF filter boxes are considerably more compact. The CFF can be pre-heated and ready for use in 30 minutes. This is not possible with other systems that usually require in excess of 24 hours pre-heat prior to use. Of course the CFF requires pre-heating before each cast whereas the bed and tube systems are used for multiple casts. CFFs are the most economical method and widely used in aluminum foundry.

In most cases, the effect of metal velocity on filtration efficiency is greater than the thickness of the filter. Both are important, but in most cases, increasing the surface area of ​​CFF will significantly improve performance. When the load of incoming inclusions is high, pre-filtration is required to allow the metal to flow through the finer CFF reliably.

CFF Filter Box

When considering the types of filtration systems that can be used for various applications in the industry, such as extruded billets, slab continuous casting and continuous casting, many aspects must be checked. The total amount of metal to be cast, alloy type, flow rate, scrap, existing metal treatment methods and final product must be considered. If the melting speed is too high, the remaining particles may be washed away from the filter. If the melt speed is too low, there is a risk of reducing the filtration efficiency. In some cases, two filters can meet metal flow.


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