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Choose Ceramic Foam Filter

Choose Ceramic Foam Filter

When you choose any project, we want to choose all cost-effective projects. That is to choose products with high quality, quality and longevity. The selection of ceramic foam filter plates is no exception, and the efficiency of ceramic foam filter plates can be expected to increase. So, do we choose ceramic foam filter plates to ensure high efficiency?

How to Choose Ceramic Foam Filter?

The quality of the casting, including more impurities, is common. A ceramic foam filter plate with larger holes and nets can be used, and a glass plate coarse filter is installed in front of the filter plate. In semi-continuous casting, the filtration of glass cloth is very important. It can block the opening and the cleaning residue in the tank and prevent the filter plate from clogging.

A new type of ceramic foam filter plate with high mesh quality and large mesh size was selected.

The specifications of the ceramic filter plate are determined by the melt flow rate and the total flow rate.

No adhesive is sprayed on the surface, which will not cause secondary pollution.

Choose Ceramic Foam Filter

When choosing a ceramic filter plate, the effective surface area or porosity of the air bubbles should be carefully evaluated. The uniformity of the grid on the surface of the filter plate can be observed, and the uniformity of the grid on the cross-section can also be observed. If the conditions are met, the pores can be measured and calculated by drainage. The uniform and relatively large porosity of the three-dimensional grid is an excellent ceramic filter plate.

AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter product specifications are 7 * 7in, 9 * 9in, 12 * 12in, 15 * 15in, 17 * 17in, 20 * 20in, 23 * 23in, 25 * 25in, 26 * 26in or customized according to the shape and size of customer needs. The mesh number is 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 70, 80, 90 ppi. It has the advantages of high strength, erosion resistance, strong adsorption capacity, and effective removal of tiny inclusions in aluminum liquid.

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