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Continuous Casting

Aluminium Casting Process

Continuous casting is an advanced casting method. Its principle is to continuously pour molten metal into a special metal mold called a crystallizer. The solidified casting is continuously poured from the other end of the crystallizer. Pull out, it can get castings of any length or specific length.

Preparation before production: Check whether the burner and oil gun are normal. Whether the opening of the furnace door is flexible, Whether the sealing of the furnace door is good. Check the casting platform, whether the water supply system is normal. The smelting furnace has been shut down for more than one month or the newly-made furnace, it must be baked before using. Prepare raw materials such as aluminum ingots, cover agent, refining agent, slagging agent, and dry for use.

Continuous Casting Process

When the furnace temperature rises to 800 degrees Celsius, block aluminum water outlet. Open and the furnace door to start feeding. No one is allowed to stand in front of the furnace door during ignition. Close the furnace door and enter the furnace material melting stage. After the surface metal melts, and the bottom furnace aluminum liquid reaches a certain storage capacity, put a dry covering agent into the furnace and evenly cover the aluminum liquid surface.

Use a thermocouple to measure the temperature of the aluminum water. When the temperature specified in the process is reached, you can sprinkle the slagging agent on the liquid surface. And lightly tap the liquid surface, stir the liquid aluminum for 5 minutes and remove the slag. After the dross removal, add metal additives according to the process requirements. And after full stirring, take samples immediately for pre-furnace spectral analysis. If the ingredients are not qualified, the ingredients must be re-adjusted according to the analysis results, and the calculation must be accurate when adjusting. After adding all the metal materials to the melt, start to stir. Stirring should be uniform and sufficient.

Molten Aluminum Casting

Refining and Degassing

  1. The refining temperature is between 720-750 degrees Celsius.
  2. Put refining fluxes into the refining tank. Turn on the powder sprayer switch, and pass nitrogen gas. When the refining fluxes are sprayed out, you can insert the tube into the molten aluminum and moves slowly.
  3. After refining, degassing, removing the slag, and stand for 20-30 minutes before casting aluminum liquid.
  4. After the aluminum slag is pulled out of the furnace, it should be quickly transferred to the slag pan and add deslagging fluxes. So as to separate the metal from the aluminum slag. Pour the aluminum water into the cast iron mold, and solidify it into an aluminum ingot for use.
  5. In continuous casting, after putting a furnace of aluminum liquid, plug the aluminum water outlet. And carry out the feeding and melting process.

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