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Degassing and Filtering Equipment

Degassing and Filtering Equipment

AdTech provides efficient degassing and filtering equipment that includes chambers with respective metal inlets and outlets, and supports in a sequentially spaced relationship. Among them, the position of the port enables the flux gas emitted therefrom to be dispersed and permeated through the medium. The pore size and permeability of filter-type media are different,

AdTech provides a filter-type media that has an open-cell structure characterized by a plurality of interconnected voids and is made of a ceramic foam in which the voids are surrounded by a ceramic material. The filter medium may include a plate having an inclined peripheral surface adapted to cooperate with an inclined wall surface on the chamber. An elastic sealing device is provided on the surface of each of the inclined filter plates, and the sealing device resists molten metal to sealably engage the inclined wall surface of the chamber when the filter plate is installed.

The degassing and filtering of the molten metal are performed by sequentially passing the molten liquid through the chamber, wherein the molten liquid travels through at least two spaced apart filter-type media placed in sequence, thereby allowing the molten liquid to pass through.

Aluminum Degassing Unit Manufacturer

The online degassing method may use a fluxing gas, such as an inert gas, preferably carrying a small amount of active gaseous components, such as chlorine or fully halogenated carbon compounds. Since degassing is performed without interrupting the melting furnace, the degassing equipment greatly improves the productivity of molten metal degassing. In addition, the design of the equipment allows it to be placed near the casting station, thereby essentially eliminating the possibility of further impurities entering the melt. This enables the operation of the flux and filtration process, which significantly reduces the level of effluent normally produced by this treatment.

Due to the use of ceramic foam filter performance that can be easily removed, the online degassing and filtering equipment can only reach the level of melt purity achieved so far under the most stringent processing conditions. Moreover, before the melt reaches the second fine filter, a relatively coarse filter is used to extract larger entrained non-metallic particles, which greatly extends the service life of the fine filter. In addition, this high purity can be achieved with inexpensively manufactured filter-type media.

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