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Degassing Device for Molten Aluminum

Degassing Device for Molten Aluminum

The degassing device for molten aluminum introduces an inert gas such as nitrogen or argon into the molten aluminum bath, where the inert gas removes dissolved hydrogen from the molten aluminum bath. This process is called degassing by those skilled in art. Degassing is usually carried out in a relatively stagnant or slow-moving bath of molten aluminum.

During processing in the furnace, dissolved gases (especially hydrogen) are dissolved in molten aluminum. The removal of dissolved gas is usually the last step before aluminum is cast into a product. If the dissolved gas is not removed, the resulting aluminum product will contain residual gas, forming small cavities or cavities. Finished products formed with these small air pockets are undesirable because they may have uneven surfaces, have holes, or lack structural integrity.

In addition to removing dissolved hydrogen, degassing also removes some solid impurities, such as oxides and salts, sodium fluoride, aluminum fluoride and other fluorides, which may exist in the molten metal suspension in the presence of dissolved hydrogen. In addition, this device can be used to introduce chlorine into the molten aluminum bath to remove magnesium. The chlorine and magnesium combine to form magnesium chloride, which is separated from the molten aluminum.

AdTech is an enterprise specialized in new material development and high precision online degassing unit production since 2012, got positive feedback from the domestic and overseas markets.

The online degassing device for molten aluminum adopts advanced high silicon melting technology to get a long service time, degassing rotor, heater protection thimble, and thermocouple protection thimble adopt ceramic manufacturing technology which can meet producing high-precision aluminum requirements.

Online degassing unit shall be installed between furnace and casting equipment. It is used for hydrogen (H) and slag removal from molten aluminum. The online degassing unit has dual functions: processing and heating. It serves high precision molten aluminum purification industry.

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