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Technical effect of aluminum liquid degassing equipment

Technical effect of aluminum liquid degassing equipment

[0009] The bottom wall is at least partially curved.


Underflow plate obliquely arranges, and the angle between the chamber inner wall of its installation place is between 20-70 °, and the lowest point of underflow plate is lower than the lowest point of liquid inlet.

degassing equipment
degassing equipment


Liquid inlet comprises inlet interface launder.

Liquid outlet comprises outlet interface launder, plug and plug holder.


The lowest point of the outlet interface launder is lower than the lowest point of the bottom wall.

The straight line that the center point of the bottom surface of the outlet interface launder is connected to is tangent to the lowest point of the curved surface structure of the bottom wall.

[0018] The cross-section of the outlet interface launder gradually increases from the end that the bottom wall communicates with toward the outside.


Described plug comprises plugging cone and operating rod, is used for the aluminum liquid degassing box liquid outlet place to control the flow size of aluminum liquid.

The described plugging cone is covered with a plug cap, and the plug cap is made of refractory material. The blocking cone is conical and the size is the same as the inner hole of the outlet interface launder. The operating rod is equipped with a clamping position, which can fix the plug on the plug holder. The plug holder is installed on the box body.

The utility model also provides a kind of aluminum liquid degassing equipment, comprises degassing device, heating device and above-mentioned aluminum liquid degassing box, and degassing device and heating device are all installed on the described box cover.

The aluminum liquid degassing box and the aluminum liquid degassing equipment provided by the utility model have the following technical effects:

1, an underflow plate is set at the liquid inlet of the aluminum liquid degassing box, the cavity is separated from the outside world, preventing the outside air from contacting the inert gas in the cavity, preventing the aluminum liquid from being subjected to secondary pollution. The arrangement of the underflow plate has a simple structure and remarkable effect.

2, aluminum liquid flows out by the liquid outlet that is arranged on the bottom of degassing box cavity. The aluminum liquid in the cavity can all reach the casting nozzle or the casting well, realizing full utilization of the aluminum liquid, preventing the deposition of the aluminum liquid and the generation of aluminum lumps and aluminum slag

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