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Degassing System for Aluminium

Degassing System for Aluminium

The principle of the online degassing system for aluminium is that the solubility of hydrogen in aluminum is determined by the partial pressure of hydrogen in the gas phase in contact with the aluminum melt. When the hydrogen partial pressure corresponding to the hydrogen content in the aluminum melt is greater than the hydrogen partial pressure in the actual gas in contact with the aluminum melt, the hydrogen in the aluminum melt will diffuse into the gas phase to achieve hydrogen removal.

Therefore, in order to remove as much hydrogen in the aluminum melt with as little inert gas as possible, the online inert gas removal of hydrogen should follow the following principles:

  • The lower the content of hydrogen and oxygen in the inert gas, the better;
  • The more bubbles formed by the inert gas blown into the melt, the smaller, and the more dispersed the better;
  • The longer the bubbles stay in the aluminum melt, the better.

Because aluminum alloy wires have incomparable performance with ordinary steel core aluminum stranded wires, aluminum alloy wires have been widely used in the world at present, and their consumption has reached 20% of the total amount of wires. The wire is brittle and broken locally and has poor bending performance. The main reason is that the magnesium in the aluminum alloy liquid changes the dissolution rate of hydrogen in the liquid aluminum and improves the solubility of hydrogen, making the aluminum alloy liquid more hydrogen than ordinary aluminum liquid Much higher. If the hydrogen and impurities in the aluminum alloy liquid are not removed, the mechanical properties such as bending and torsion of the aluminum alloy wire will hardly meet the quality requirements.

The key to the degassing of molten aluminum is the quality of degassing, and to minimize the hydrogen in the molten aluminum, it is necessary to provide a method for degassing of the molten aluminum, which can better remove the hydrogen in the molten aluminum.

In view of the above problems, AdTech provides online degassing system for aluminium, which can degas more effectively and improve the quality of products. Pass the inert gas into the molten aluminum in the molten ladle and put in the rotor, and make the rotor rotate in the molten aluminum at a speed of 400~500r/min. The degassing system for aluminium can remove the hydrogen and inclusions in molten aluminium.

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