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Foam Ceramic Filter Braz Aluminium

Foam Ceramic Filter Braz Aluminium

Foam Ceramic Filter Braz Aluminium is widely used in aluminum and alloy casting industry. The performance requirements of aluminum and aluminum alloy products are increasing, so new requirements for liquid aluminum filtration are put forward.

Liquid aluminum must have good casting properties such as high purity, fewer floating impurities and uniform flow rate of liquid aluminum, so that aluminum castings can have excellent physical and chemical properties and machining properties, so as to meet more demanding conditions and prolong the service life of aluminum products.

There are many reasons for aluminum pollution

On the one hand, during the melting process, aluminum is exposed to the atmosphere in the furnace in a melted or semi-melted state, easily oxidizes, easily reacts with water vapor to absorb hydrogen, and easily forms various forms of nonmetallic slag (such as liner segments, chloride, carbide flux, etc.) and coarse intermetallic compound particles.

On the other hand, some waste composed of charge with some non-aluminum impurities in the cycle process, because the waste comes from the process waste of each process, waste of our factory and the waste outside the factory, so the route is different, the composition is very complex, and the quality is poor.

These impurities often produce bubbles and inclusions in the slab, which seriously affect the purity of the metal melt, and then affect the machining performance, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and product appearance quality.

Foam Ceramic Filter Braz Aluminium

Foam Ceramic Filter Braz Aluminium can effectively remove various inclusions in the water with a fineness of micron, so that the water can form a stable laminar flow, which is conducive to filling.

Foam Ceramic Filter has unique mullite-corundum structure, good mechanical strength and chemical stability, excellent aluminum erosion resistance.

Strict control of pore size and through-hole ratio can obtain stable filtration effect.

The foam ceramic filter plate is sealed with ceramic fiber gasket, which helps to seal the filter plate in the filter box and ensures that the molten metal has no bypass.

Brovary Aluminum Factory (BRAZ trademark) is a Ukrainian closed loop innovative enterprise in aluminum manufacturing, which belongs to Alumeta Group.

Thanks to 35 years of continuous development, the use of modern high-tech equipment and innovative solutions, it is now a well-known strength manufacturing company working in 30 countries.

BRAZ recycles its own slag, which is 30% aluminum. We also actively use secondary raw materials in the production process. It protects the environment and improves production efficiency, ensuring independence from raw material suppliers.

BRAZ is known for its complete production cycle from casting to the production of finished aluminum products (22,000 tons per year) in compliance with all Ukrainian and international standards as well as ISO, CE, Din, Reach ROHS and other quality certificates.

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