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Foam Ceramics Products

Foam Ceramics Products

Foam ceramics are porous ceramic products with a porosity of 70% to 90% and a bulk density of only 0.30-0.6g/cm³. It has a three-dimensional network framework and interpenetrating pore structure.

In addition to the properties of general ceramics such as high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, foam ceramics also have the characteristics of low density, high porosity, large specific surface area, and strong self-interference with fluids.

Foam ceramics products can generally be divided into open-cell (net-shaped) ceramic materials and closed-cell ceramic materials, depending on whether there are solid walls in each pore.

If the solids forming the foam are only contained in the pore edges, it is called an open-cell ceramic material, and the pores are interconnected.

If there are solid walls, the foam is called a closed-cell ceramic material, in which the pores are separated from each other by a continuous ceramic matrix.

The application fields of foam ceramics range from metal to chemical industry, environmental protection, energy saving, etc., and technically, from the development of metal melt filtration to aluminum alloy to high temperature steel melt refining filtration.

However, due to the limitation of economic and technical conditions, the application of ceramic foam filter technology in the metallurgical foundry industry has just begun.

As the requirements for purity and performance of metal products increase, foam ceramic filtration technology and product quality are becoming more and more important.

Ceramic Foam Filter CFF

AdTech alumina ceramic foam filters for casting are sold all over the world for the purification of molten aluminum. AdTech focuses on the aluminum alloy casting industry, providing solutions for molten aluminum filtration systems, hot top casting systems, caster tips, etc.

Our ceramic foam filters can clean aluminum and are used for aluminum billet casting, aluminum foil casting, slab casting, etc. Alumina casting filter can effectively remove and absorb various impurities in molten aluminum, improve surface quality, product performance and microstructure effectiveness. It is mainly used for precision casting of aluminum alloy.

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