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Foundries Ceramic Foam Filter

Foundries Ceramic Foam Filter

Foundries Ceramic Foam Filter effectively removes various non-metallic inclusions in the aluminum melt during the aluminum melting and casting process, improves the purity of aluminum rods and ingots, and helps to improve product quality and reduce costs in the melting and casting workshop. The productivity has been improved to different degrees, the operation is simple, the process is simple, the control does not require excessive investment, and it is worthy of popularization and application.

Foam ceramic aluminum liquid filtration and purification method and device are suitable for all aluminum production departments, including sheets, strips, foils, bars, pipes, wires, extrusions, forgings, primary aluminum ingots, recycled ingots and continuous castings, Manufacturing rolling bearings, etc.

Before using Foundries Ceramic Foam Filter, it must be preheated to remove water and promote the initial immediate filtration. Preheating can be achieved by electric heating or gas heating. Under normal circumstances, it takes about 15 minutes.

Ceramic Foam Filter Dimension

660x660x50(26 inch)
584x584x50(23 inch)
508x508x50(20 inch)
432x432x50(17 inch)
381x381x50(15 inch)
305x305x50(12 inch)
228x228x50(9 inch)
178x178x50(7 inch)

Ceramic foam filter Pore Size (PPI): 10/20/30/40/50/60

30ppi 40ppi foundries ceramic foam filter is the most commonly used in the aluminum casting industry. Ordinary aluminum casting usually uses 10-40ppi ceramic filter plates. Aviation and high-quality aluminum materials usually use 30-60ppi ceramic filter plates.

Ceramic foam filters are just developed new types of molten metal filters to decrease casting flaw in recent years, play a vital role in the metal casting and foundry industries, where they are used to filter out impurities in molten metal to improve the quality and performance of the end product. Even the slightest non-metal impurities in the molten metal can have a devastating effect on the performance and strength of finished metal goods. This can result in end products failing to meet the necessary quality standards. Ceramic filters play an essential role in removing these impurities and ensuring high-quality casting.

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