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Granulated Refining Flux

Granulated Refining Flux

Granulated Refining Flux improves the quality of aluminum alloy ingots, and fully removes alkali metals, oxidized slag in the aluminum melt. Granulated Refining Flux plays a vital role in removing impurities from aluminum melt.

Granulated Refining Flux product advantages

1. The emissions of hydrogen chloride and dust are lower than the environmental protection standards set by the EPA for harmful air pollutants.
2. Due to its low melting point (480°C), it decomposes extremely quickly after being added to the alloy melt.
3. Granular melting products are smoke-free and dust-free when they are put into use, which improves the production environment of employees and protects their health.
4. It is beneficial to increase the extrusion speed and extend the life of the die during the production process of the profile. The data used in industrial production proves that the extrusion speed of the profile can be increased by about 20%.
5. When rolling high magnesium alloy, eliminate edge cracks.
6. Smokeless, tasteless, dust-free, without any harmful compounds, reducing corrosion to plant equipment and reducing hidden costs.
7. Keep the furnace, launder, and online degassing equipment free of slag accumulation.
8. Significantly reduce the load of the flue gas dust removal equipment and reduce the operating cost of environmental protection equipment.
9. No sodium, and effectively remove the electrolyte in the electrolytic aluminum water, the removal efficiency of sodium, calcium, lithium and other alkali metals can reach more than 70%. Eliminate the sodium brittleness during the processing, increase the total throughput of the filter plate, and reduce the filtration cost.

Granulated Refining Flux

Granulated Refining Flux use process

Add the granular refining flux into the powder spraying refining tank as required, close the lid, turn on the refining tank switch when the aluminum liquid temperature is 700-750℃, and pass in nitrogen or argon (required nitrogen pressure is 1.2-1.8Kg /cm2). When the refining agent is sprayed from the refining iron pipe, the refining iron pipe can be inserted into the molten pool and moved slowly and evenly. The high-purity nitrogen or argon gas will spray the granular refining agent into the aluminum melt regularly and quantitatively. Under the combined action of bubbles and granular molten flux, the oxidized inclusions and hydrogen in the aluminum liquid are removed, and the refining time is 15-20 minutes each time. When the molten flux in the tank is completely sprayed out and the time to fill with nitrogen reaches 15-20 minutes, draw out the refining tube and turn off the nitrogen or argon.

Powder spraying and refining of continuous aluminum melting furnace
1. Generally, continuous aluminum melting furnace refining every hour or every 2 hours, calculate the amount of particle flux that needs to be added according to the amount of molten aluminum in the interval, and spray it into the bottom of the melt regularly and quantitatively. The requirements for powder spraying refining parameters are the same as above.
2. The dosage is 0.6-3Kg/ton AL. If it is only used for refining, the dosage can be 0.6-1.2Kg/ton aluminum, and 1.5-3Kg/ton aluminum for alkali metal removal (to be determined according to the original content of alkali metal sodium, calcium and lithium).

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