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Gravity Die Casting Process

Gravity Die Casting Process

Gravity die casting process refers to the process in which the aluminum liquid is injected into the mold by gravity. Generalized gravity casting divides into: sand casting, metal (steel mold) casting, lost foam casting, etc. The narrow sense of gravity casting refers specifically to metal casting. Metal casting is divided into vertical manual casting, and inclined casting is now the most widely used metal mold (steel mold) casting. The mold is made of heat-resistant alloy steel, and the strength, size and appearance of the cast aluminum casting are higher than those of other casting processes. The gravity-cast aluminum liquid is usually poured into the gate manually, and the cavity is exhausted, cooled, and obtain the sample. Aluminium gravity die casting process is generally: molten aluminum smelting, pouring material filling, exhaust, cooling, mold opening, production, heat treatment, processing.

Gravity Die Casting Process

When the product is selected for production, the choice is mainly based on the wall thickness of the workpiece. When the product wall thickness is greater than 8mm, die casting will cause many pores to be stored in the wall, so the thicker wall thickness product can be completed by gravity casting. AdTech offers online degassing units, filtering equipment, ceramic foam filter, flow control series, hot top casting parts, fluxes for aluminum foundry.

Gravity Die Castings Features

  1. The surface finish of the product is not high, and it is easy to produce pits after shot blasting.
  2. There are few pores in the aluminum castings, which can be heat-treated.
  3. The product has a low density and slightly poor strength, but high elongation.
  4. The mold cost is low and the service life of the mold is long.
  5. Low production efficiency, which increases production costs.
  6. The process is relatively simple and not suitable for the production of thin-walled parts.
  7. Special aluminum alloy with low fluidity can be used.


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