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Horizontal Continuous Casting

Horizontal Continuous Casting

Generally, horizontal continuous casting aluminum alloy rods are manufactured by casting. Specifically, the molten aluminum alloy is cast into an elongated aluminum ingot in the form of a cylinder, a square column, or a hollow column.

First, the aluminum alloy raw material is charged into a melting furnace to produce molten aluminum alloy. Then, aluminum oxide and hydrogen are removed from the molten aluminum alloy by using molten metal processing equipment. Subsequently, the processed molten aluminum alloy is supplied to a horizontal continuous casting device, thereby manufacturing a horizontal continuous casting aluminum alloy rod. Next, the horizontally continuously cast aluminum alloy rod is cut into a predetermined length and subjected to subsequent processing (machining and heat treatment).

It is worth noting that the molten aluminum alloy is transferred from the melting furnace to the molten metal processing equipment by using a heat-resistant chute.

Aluminum Automatic Casting Process

Bundle the cut, horizontally continuously cast aluminum alloy rods, and then use a crane or forklift to transfer them.

The implementation of the horizontal continuous casting process must solve the following problems: how to continuously supply aluminum alloy for a long time in a consistent manner, and how to cast aluminum alloy rods horizontally and continuously between processes.

AdTech is a worldwide supplier and solution provider of functional materials for the aluminum foundry industry. AdTech focuses on R & D and manufacturing online degassing and filtrating equipment, ceramic foam filter, hot-top casting materials, nozzle board, repair coating material, and flux. Our products are mainly used for the continuous casting aluminum alloy processes.

The onlinedegassing unit adopts Japanese technology, with a reasonable design structure. The hydrogen cleaning efficiency is stable at 60% and up to 80%.

Ceramic foam filter adhibits American technology, which is sintered under high temperature by Al2O3-type molten material. It is with high strength and super adsorption property, which can effectively filter micron inclusions in aluminum liquid.

Hot top casting parts are made of refractory material, with high strength, aluminum rejecting, and persistent service life.

Roll casting tip is using nanometer natural fiber composite material under the integral molding, with high precision, not easy to carbonizing and deforming.

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