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Launder Baffle

Launder Baffle

AdTech launder baffle is integrated with launder to serve the high-precision casting and rolling aluminum foil wool process.

The trough baffle has the characteristics of excellent erosion resistance, impact resistance, cold and heat resistance, non-stick aluminum, no chemical reaction with aluminum, and low thermal expansion coefficient. It maintains a stable shape at working temperature, does not absorb moisture, is durable, and does not pollute the aluminum melt.

The launder dam is made of inorganic materials, the main crystal phase is xonotlite, which has stable physical and chemical properties. The product does not stick to aluminum water. The product base material is hydrothermally synthesized from siliceous material and calcareous material, and has excellent thermal insulation performance. It does not contain cement, does not contain resin, and does not react or corrode with other materials.

The AdTech launder runner baffle is used in conjunction with the mold. By setting the flow channel baffle, the filtered aluminum liquid first enters the annular range formed by the slag baffle body, and slag such as oxide slag can be brought into the crystallizer. The plate body intercepts oxide slag and other slag to prevent it from flowing into the inner side of the aluminum liquid slag baffle, and controls the oxide slag and other scum to be outside the aluminum liquid slag baffle to reduce the risk of contamination of the aluminum alloy ingot.

Advantages of Aluminum Water Baffle

1. It has anti-scouring, non-flaking, smooth surface, and no pollution to molten aluminum
2. Oxidation slag is isolated, and the casting is stable and safe
3. High flexibility in use, metal shackle ring slag ring can be cast onto the mold

Aluminum water baffles are widely used in various occasions in aluminum foundries. The wire drawing is an aluminum water slag blocking device. Its excellent non-stick aluminum characteristics, no aluminum hanging, low heat absorption, no need to preheat before use. No pollution to the product.

The surface coating treatment of the baffle product can obtain the effect of glazed surface, non-stick aluminum, and non-stick aluminum, completely avoiding the adverse effects on the silicon melt (including other metals). The product has excellent properties of non-stick aluminum, while ensuring the interaction of the molten metal between different castings.

The aluminum water baffle device is simple and convenient to install. The product has a long service life; except for improper manual use.

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