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Launder Gate

Launder Gate

The position of the fixed hole of the launder gate should not be lower than the lower limit of the molten aluminum height of the runner to prevent the molten aluminum from melting the metal bracket and affecting the quality of the molten aluminum. Launder Gate is also called launder dam, runner baffle plate, metal transfer runner gate. The front guard plate and the rear guard plate are steel plates with a thickness of 5mm~10mm, which are welded to the channel steel of the cylinder bottom plate. The apertures of the mounting holes of the front guard plate and the rear guard plate are the same as the apertures of the flow trough dam fixing holes, and the positions correspond to each other.

The runner baffle plate, the rear guard plate, and the front guard plate are connected by bolts through fixing holes and mounting holes. They are clearance fits. They should not be installed too tightly, leaving room for movement to prevent the runner baffle from being crushed when it is lowered. The bottom channel steel is welded to the steel plate at the end of the cylinder. The sealing strip is installed in the sealing groove between the casting launder baffle and the casting launder, and the upper part is fixed on the inner side of the cylinder bracket by the sealing strip fixing frame. The size of the sealing groove is determined according to the sealing material.

Launder Gate

Launder Gate Features

  1. The device achieves the purpose of controlling the height of the molten aluminum position of the launder before casting, and ensures that the casting technical parameters require the height of the molten aluminum position.
  2. The height of the runner baffle is reduced, and a guard plate is installed on the lifting cylinder bracket during installation. The fixed point of the lifting cylinder moves down, the moment arm is reduced, the shearing force at the fixed position of the runner is reduced, and the fracture of the runner baffle is greatly reduced.
  3. The sealing groove of the runner baffle is added, and the flat strip seal is changed to a hemp rope seal, which increases the sealing effect and reduces the production cost.
  4. The baffle of the runner is lighter than the previous baffle, and the contact area of ​​the aluminum liquid is small, which reduces the working load of the lifting cylinder.
  5. Greatly extend the service life of the baffle. Greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers.
  6. Effectively improve the product quality of slabs. The cost of producing slabs is reduced.

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